Ideal for:
  • Tabletop miniature games
  • Strategy games
  • Pen-and-paper role play games

Also colored or transparent!


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Hex-Paper hex graph paper colored


Hex Paper

Six-sides hex graph paper

Inch hex grid

o Left Alive - Gameplay Videos [2019-01-15]

@Twinfinite Some gameplay videos for Left Alive. Today Square Enix released a couple of interesting gameplay videos of its upcoming survival shooter Left Alive. The two videos, launched on the game’s official Twitter account, star Director Toshifumi Nabeshima as he showcases different mechanics of the game....

o Stellar Tactics - Progress Update [2019-01-14]

A new progress update for Stellar Tactics introduces some new spaceships. Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! I thought I would share a quick progress update. The last few weeks I've spent most of my time getting the first set of 10 new ship models in the game....

o Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Resource Opposition System [2019-01-14]

The latest update from Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem explains the Resource Opposition System. New video: Resource Opposition System... And Happy New Year! 12 JANUARY - CALISTAEN [DE translation][www.wolcen-game.de] Hello everyone! First of all, all the Wolcen team wishes you a very happy new year 2019! It's been a while since we didn't provide you with an update regarding our global progression, but we will, very soon :) As you perhaps already know, following Technical Beta 1 and 2, we gathered a lot of useful information, mostly client and server crash reports that our teams are currently working on to solve as many issues as possible and improve the stability of the game when we make the Gameplay Beta transition....

o RPGWatch - RPGWatch Indie Showcase [2019-01-14]

We here at RPGWatch are amazed by the sheer number of rpgs that have been released the last few years. When I first visited RPGWatch in 2013, the Game of Year list was much smaller and I at least recognized most of the titles, even if I hadn't played them....

o Phoenix Point - December Update [2019-01-15]

Retcon Raider looks at all the developments around Phoenix Point up until this point. loading... My oh my, it's 2019 and that means we're just 6 months away from Phoenix Point's official release date. Truly, these are interesting times! Today, I thought we'd take a quick look back at the tail-end of 2018 to see what we missed over the holidays....

o Sekiro - Gameplay Video & Character Progression Explained [2019-01-14]

Some gameplay video from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and also Game Informer explores how character progression works. loading...Game Informer's Dan Tack and Suriel Vazquez share new gameplay and impressions for From Software's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice based on the magazine's cover story trip....

Hex-Paper: Hex Paper Six-sides hex graph paper Inch hex grid. Hex-paper. Hex graph paper. Gamer paper. Hexagon grid on large paper, size A1. Hex inch grid for tabletop miniature, stategy and pen and paper role play games. Hexpaper. Paper for Gaming hex-paper-, hex, hexagon, grid, paper, graph paper, inch, six-sided, playarea, A1, large, gamer, hexpaper, gaming, tabletop, miniature, games


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